Gidget – Adopted 11/10/2018

Happy Gotcha Day Gidget!

MEET GIDGET!! Gidget is a super sweet, approx 6 month old female lab mix who just came to LFS. On the smaller side at 32 pounds, Gidget likely won’t grow too much bigger so she’d be the perfect size for someone looking for a smaller lab mix.
Gidget doesn’t seem to have had the best start to life. She came from a kill shelter in north GA, and she was absolutely petrified in her cage. She wouldn’t move and when you took her out, she was too scared to walk on the leash. I think it’s safe to say she didn’t have a lot of exposure to much in her past. She’s fairly timid and shy when you first approach her, but once she is comfortable with you and where she is, she actually opens up pretty quickly and will come give kisses and cuddle. She just needs someone to be patient and understanding with her, and she will return the favor with lots of love! 

Gidget has actually has come out of her shell and made lots of progress since we rescued her. She spent a couple days after her spay hanging out up front with the receptionists at the vet clinic, and she soon started coming up to the gate to say hello to everyone! She likes other dogs and even gets along with cats. Walking on the leash is a work in progress, but she is getting the hang of it. Now that Gidget is out of the shelter environment, we’re confident that she will blossom into a wonderful little pup! 

Gidget has gone to her foster home and we will update as she settles in. If you’d like to adopt Gidget, go to or send us an email at

Foster Update 10/28/2018: Gidget has settled in pretty fast. She has been an absolute love bug! She gets a little nervous on our walks sometimes with different noises but has been doing better every day. She would do best in a home with another dog that she could follow around to see that life is good! She would be fine around cats. She would also do well with kids that are old enough to understand that she needs some time to warm up to them. She loves to cuddle and sleep with us at night! She just wants to be loved and nap (who doesn’t). When she isn’t right next to you, she can most likely be found on her dog bed resting. Even though this sweet girl is only 6 months old, she has pretty low energy. She would also do fine in an apartment as she is also pretty quiet. She walks AMAZING on a leash and rides great in the car. There are occasional accidents in the house but has greatly improved in the little time we have had her. She is also super smart and has already learned how to sit! We can’t wait to see what amazing family ends up with this wonderful girl!

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  1. Leigh Bartley

    We are looking for a young female like Gidget. I think she would be the perfect sibling for our 5yr old lab mix –who needs a younger sister to bond with.

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