Luke – Adopted 11/10/2018

Happy Gotcha Day Luke!

MEET LUKE!! Luke and his sister Leia are 10 week old siblings who were sadly found abandoned out on a dirt road. No one stepped forward to claim them after they were found,  so now it’s time for them to find forever homes! They are both super sweet lab mixes with the cutest, smooshiest faces! Fill out an adoption application at today! If you’re already approved, send us an email at!


Update 11/4/2018: Luke is now 19 weeks old.  He is 24 pounds and in a growth spurt.  He just received his last round of puppy shots and is ready to explore the bigger world!  He is a happy boy who likes to be with his family – foster parents and furry foster siblings.  He plays and runs with our pack in the backyard and enjoys his outdoor time.  He is loving and gives lots of kisses but is a bit too wiggly still to be a good cuddle partner.  He’ll get there eventually!

We’ve made great strides in house training the last few weeks.  Luke has mastered “sit”, is learning “shake” and we are working on “down”.  He is extremely food motivated which helps with training.  Luke is very curious.  He likes to explore and check out contents of bags and boxes. He does need to be watched when he is loose in the house or he needs to be limited to a puppy proofed area.

Luke did exceptionally well with the multitude of children he met on a family trip.  From toddlers to teenagers he was a hit!  Luke has not been introduced to cats.

Luke is sleeping through the night in his crate in our room.  He is doing well being crated while we are at work.

This handsome boy is looking for his forever family, ideally with another pup who would be willing to play with him.

Update 10/10/2018: Luke enjoys his toys, being chased by his sister Leia and playing tag with our pups.  He is 16 weeks old, approximately 20 pounds and has a cute pink nose and light eyes.  He is very food motivated which will be helpful as we work on commands.  We haven’t mastered anything just yet but he is starting to get the hang of “sit”.  We are working on potty training but we have a ways to go.  He will whine to tell you that he needs to go out but you had better be paying attention as there is a very short window of opportunity to get outside.  He has been quick to learn the routine around going outside and meal time.  He sleeps in a crate at night in our room.  He doesn’t love it but settles down eventually and sleeps through our short nights but he is ready to be up and go out as soon as our alarm goes off.  Luke has not been around children or cats so we aren’t sure how he would be. Luke has a very sweet personality.  He is a loving and affectionate puppy that is wiggly and energetic.  He would love to have another pup to play with and chase around the yard.