Hunter – Adopted 11/27/2018

Happy Gotcha Day Hunter!

MEET HUNTER!! This adorable 4 month old male pup is the cutest, sweetest little thing. He hasn’t had the greatest life up until this point. Poor Hunter was found abandoned, skin and bones in the middle of nowhere, but that all changes now! Hunter is a lovely pup with a great personality. He loves to run and play like any puppy should, but then he’ll happily curl up in your lap or a dog bed for some cuddles and a nap. He got to discover leaves the other day and had a blast playing in them! Hunter is a smart boy and learned “sit” in no time. He also conquered the stairs on the back deck and started getting the hang of the collar and leash pretty quickly as well. We don’t think Hunter will grow to be too large. He’s only about 20 pounds now, so he may be closer to 40-45 when full grown. Hunter loves other dogs. He’ll happily play with toys with you or on his own. He’d be a great companion for any family!





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    • Rachel LFS

      He was actually adopted this evening. Sorry for the misunderstanding!

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