Boyd – Adopted 12/02/2018

Happy Gotcha Day Boyd!

MEET BOYD!! This adorably handsome boy is about 7-8 months old and one of the newest members of LFS. Boyd has kind of a sad story. He was found deep in the woods by a nice family who live far off the main road, and they said he followed their car and would not leave. With the freezing temperatures outside, they couldn’t just leave him, so they took him in and kept him warm until help could be found. No one stepped forward to claim Boyd after he was posted online, posted on flyers in the surrounding area, and listed at three surrounding shelters, so it was likely that he was actually abandoned out there. Boyd also had a big scar on his neck, and one on his back leg, possibly from some sort of attack by a wild animal, or a previously deeply embedded collar. The scars seemed to have healed well and should not cause a problem, but Boyd has become sensitive with the area on his neck and as such will need to wear a harness instead of a collar. He does well in a harness and seems to like it. We’re not sure exactly what trauma this boy has been through, but we will do whatever we can to make sure this is the end of that life for him and the start of a life filled with love and happiness!

Boyd is a very sweet boy who is timid with new people and situations at first, but warms up once he realizes you won’t hurt him. He is actually really cuddly. He LOVES other dogs and would do great with a doggie sibling to keep him company. Boyd also loves treats and toys. He is at our vet’s office to get up to date on vaccines and to be neutered, and he has been carrying around a toy as much as he can (see the adorable picture below!).

Boyd stayed with a temporary foster family before he could come to LFS, and they said he was the typical lab. He was very interested in the deer, rabbits, armadillos, and smells from around their house, and he loved spotting birds and watching them fly around. He appears to be housetrained and didn’t have an accident in the house. He also appears to be crate trained.

They said Boyd is an easy dog to love. He is curious and interested – so fun to see his reactions and zest for life. He was startled by the vacuum cleaner and wanted to get away from it, but no other noises seemed to bother him, except for a squeaky rubber chicken. He will need some continued obedience training but is easily trainable. They said he is a very, very good boy.

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  1. Jennifer Williams

    very interested we have a chocolate male that needs a friend

  2. Martha (volunteer)

    We were overwhelmed by the number of applications to adopt Boyd as soon as we post it. He now has an appointment and waiting list. Please take a look at our other labbies also waiting for their forever home. Thank you!

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