Charles – Adopted 12/13/2018

Happy Gotcha Day Charles!
MEET CHARLES!! Charles is an older gentleman, around 11 yrs years old. He was adopted from us a couple months ago, but it was determined that he has some separation anxiety, so he was returned to us. ***Charles doesn’t like to be left home alone without a buddy, so he needs to go to a home with another dog that can keep him company.***
Charles found his way to LFS originally after a kind person saved him from wandering the neighborhood. Turns out his actual owner just didn’t want him anymore, and he was allowed to roam as he pleased. Charles’ savior knew this wasn’t safe for any dog, so she contacted us to help him get a second chance at a forever home. Charles has cataracts and is blind in one eye, with partial vision in the other. Don’t let that fool you though! He gets around just fine and is still a relatively active dog.
Charles is a sweet old boy who loves people and is good with other dogs, cats, kids, and even ignores chickens. He actually loves cats and thinks they’re all his friends; he’ll go and flop down beside a cat to nap, even if the cat doesn’t feel the same affection in return!
Charles is reported to be housebroken as long as he’s on a schedule. He prefers to sleep in bed with his human, but if you don’t want him in the bed, he will respect your wishes. He loves to sleep on the couch if you let him. He is very food motivated.
Because Charles was allowed to wander, he learned that being off leash means he can go where he pleases, so he cannot be trusted off leash when not in a fenced in area. He would do best in a home with a fenced in yard where he can’t wander off.
Charles was heartworm positive when he first came to us, but he has since completed treatment and is doing great!!
Charles is a sweet senior boy who just needs a second chance. He would love a comfy bed to live out the remainder of his golden years. Will you be his forever?
To adopt Charles and make him a member of your family, visit! Email us at with any questions!