Laddy -Adopted 12/14/2018

Happy Gotcha Day Laddy!

MEET LADDY!! Laddy is an adorable 2 month old female lab mix who just came to LFS. She was rescued from a shelter in Alabama with Snick and Snack, but they are not related. Laddy is a super sweet and cuddly little girl. She likes to sit on your lap and make herself comfortable. She’s active like a puppy should be, but not too crazy. Laddy has the perfect puppy dog-face! Her big, round eyes are just so cute! We think Laddy will likely be a medium sized dog when full grown. She likes other dogs and loves people.

Laddy is ready to find a foster or forever home! She’d make a great addition to any home!
If you want to foster Laddy and give her a comfy place to stay until she gets adopted, go to or email us at!
If you want to adopt Laddy and make her a member of your family, hop on over to or send us a message at if you’re already approved!

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