Todd – Adopted 12/18/2018

Happy Gotcha Day Todd!

MEET TODD!! This adorable, friendly guy is about a year old. He’s a Lab/Great Pyrenees mix with some of the softest fur ever! Todd was at the shelter for almost 2 months without any interest, and it’s a total wonder why. He’s the sweetest boy, and when he gets out of the kennel and gets a chance to stretch his legs, watching him prance around with joy is just the cutest thing! Todd is a little nervous in new environments and around really loud noises, but he seems to adjust quickly if you just give him some reassuring words and encouragement. Once he’s comfortable, his adorable personality comes out and he’s ready to come lean on you for all the loving! Todd is basically just a tall, lanky puppy. He weighs 58 pounds right now, but he’s a bit on the slimmer side, so he could stand to gain a few pounds. He seems to love other dogs and just wanted to play with the others we introduced him to at the shelter. It doesn’t seem that Todd has had much obedience training so far, but he’s very food motivated, so it shouldn’t be too much of a challenge. While he’s a young boy and has some energy, he is relatively mellow. He is a proper gentleman on the leash and doesn’t pull, walking right next to you. Todd would make an excellent addition to any family looking for a friendly, loving pup! 

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TODD UPDATE 12/15/18!! Todd has stolen the hearts of everyone at the vet’s office! He is such a lovebug, you can’t help but just to smile when you see him. Todd is a really friendly boy. He can be a little shy at times, but he’s overall pretty outgoing. He loves other dogs and plays well with both small and large dogs. He is crate trained and waits to go potty until he’s outside. Todd walks great on the leash and doesn’t pull. When he gets to go off leash in the fenced yard, he loves to run around and even prances a little bit. He takes treats gently, and although he doesn’t know any commands yet, he is pretty food motivated so he should be able to learn easily. 

Todd was briefly introduced to a cat today. He was interested at first, but she growled and hissed at him so Todd backed away and did not try to approach again. Due to his mellow demeanor and submissive nature, I think with a proper introduction and supervision, Todd would be just fine with cats. 
Stay tuned for more pictures of Todd!
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If you’d like to adopt Todd, go to to fill out an application.
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