MEET WATSON!! This new addition to LFS is a handsome boy around 2 years old. Watson was just rescued from a shelter. He is a sweet boy but very shy right now. With a little love and patience, he should come out of his shell in no time. Watson’s coat was filthy and really smelly, like he had been outside in the rain for a long time before he ended up at the shelter. He also has a pretty bad skin infection, so he got a much needed bath and medication so that can start to heal. Now that he’s clean, you can see his fur is a pretty, almost champagne color. Watson is a sweet boy who seems to get along with other dogs. He also seems to be food motivated, which makes training easier in the future. Watson will be neutered early next week, after which he will be able to move to a foster home. 

If you are an approved foster and can take Watson, please email us at labfriendinfo@gmail.com. If you’d like to foster but have not yet been approved, please fill out a foster application at https://www.labradorfriends.com/foster-2/. 

If you are interested in adopting Watson once he’s neutered and his skin has cleared up, go to 

https://www.labradorfriends.com/how-to-adopt/ to fill out an adoption application. Email labfriendinfo@gmail.com if you’re already approved and are interested. 

Foster update 03/08/2019: Watson continues to make the transition from being apparently an outside dog to loving living inside.  Being a young dog (1-1/2 yrs),he is learning to play with other dog’s toys and loves our dog.  He needs activity – he likes meeting other dogs and run and play with them.  In the house, he has become very comfortable in his crate which we use when we leave the house.  At night, he sleeps in our bedroom as does our dog.  He is getting the idea of relieving himself outside, but, still needs to be on a consistent schedule for going “out.”  He has become aware of strange noises and will bark but settles down after being assured.  He is afraid of meeting new people and will bark at them.  Assurance in time will correct this.
He is very loving, in a puppy way.  The ideal household as of this date would be a Forever Home that is quiet and has consistent schedules.  With love and attention, he will be fantastic.  But, give him time.

Foster update 01/22/2019:  Watson has been settling in to his foster home and is doing well. His foster mom reports that he is much improved from the super timid/shy boy we picked up from the shelter. He’s much more relaxed and his tail has even begun to wag—no longer continuously between his legs. He’s not really afraid of new household noises or the TV, just inquisitive. Watson appears to be housebroken. He could use some work with leash training, but he seems so easy going that he’ll probably get the hang of it quickly. Watson and his doggie foster sister Mollie are getting along well. When he came to us, Watson had a flea infestation, intestinal parasites, and a terrible skin infection. The skin on the right side of his face was also infected, likely from a hot spot thanks to those pesky fleas. With some medication and medicated baths, his skin is starting to clear up nicely. He even tolerated the cone of shame after his neuter and slept calmly with it on all night.

Watson would make a great addition to a quiet home that can be patient with him as he comes out of his shell more and learns what love is all about.


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