Murphy – Adopted 01/26/2019

Happy Gotcha Day Murphy!

MEET MURPHY! Behold His Majesty, Sir Murphy. This handsome gentleman is a 2-3 year old black lab mix who just came to LFS. He was found as a stray and taken to the shelter, and it was apparent he had belonged to someone before. Murphy sat quietly in his kennel waiting for his family to find him, but sadly no one came. When I went to get Murphy from the shelter, I took him out into the interaction pen so he could get some fresh air and stretch his legs. He walked perfectly on the leash and waited patiently for me to take it off so he could explore. Murphy did his business outside and his kennel was clean, so it’s likely that he’s already housetrained. He came and jumped up on the bench for me to love on him and then rewarded me with lots of kisses. He loves belly rubs and flopped right over for one. We played fetch for a little while until he got tired, and then Murphy calmly sat in the grass looking out at the world, sniffing the air, and just observing the activity around him. He met a few dogs through the fence and on leash and though he did well with them, you could tell he was more interested in human interaction. Murphy is a pretty mellow dog, so he’d probably be content as an only dog or with another calm dog that isn’t interested in playing all that much. He knows some commands already too. 
Murphy was so worried I was going to put him back in his kennel when we were leaving the yard that he laid down and “played dead.” After a few more belly rubs and encouraging words, we made it to the shelter lobby where I think things finally started to click for Murphy and he knew he was getting out of there. His tail started wagging a mile a minute and he had such a happy smile on his face, it was just the cutest thing! Murphy was so excited to go for a car ride and hopped right in the back seat. He was quiet for an hour in the car and fell asleep for most of the ride. He’s just an overall fantastic, well-behaved boy who would make a great addition to any family. 
Unfortunately Murphy came down with kennel cough a day after leaving the shelter, so he is being treated at our vet’s office. He should be all better in a week or so, so check back soon for updates!!
If you’d be interested in adopting Murphy when he’s better, please visit to fill out an adoption application, or email us at if you’re already approved!