MEET COOPER!  Our sweet Cooper (was Bridger) is coming back to his LFS family this week. Cooper was originally taken in by LFS with his brothers when they were found on the side of the road. Six years ago he was adopted from LFS by a very special young man and his father. That special young man battled Adult Myloid Leukemia for ten years. He was in remission when Cooper was adopted but sadly, relapsed shortly afterward. Cooper was a constant companion during the struggle and would lay with his buddy in his bed for hours. Cooper’s human lost his battle this past weekend. LFS is now dedicated to finding Cooper the companionship that he deserves and that he gave for the past years. We will have additional photos when he arrives later in the week. The top photo is current and the other two are from around 6 years ago.  We estimate he is now between 7-8 years old. He is very healthy and active. He loves cuddling, fetching balls, walks and hiking. We will have more info soon, but believe he loves medium-large dogs, and would do best without small dogs or cats around.  His original foster home had three children and three dogs in it.
Please email if you are able to foster this sweet boy, or click if you are interested in adopting. Let’s get this guy into another home that will love him just as that special young man did.

Update 10/13/19:If you’re looking for a very loyal best friend, Cooper is for you! He loves to follow me around wherever I go and will curl up for a nap at my feet, or snuggle on the couch with me when invited. He absolutely loves to swim! He does best with dogs that are around his size and likes dogs with a calm demeanor. He loves everyone at the vet, but is ready to find his forever home!

Update 05/31/19: He is such a happy loving boy. He is doing great with dogs of all sizes, sometimes puppy energy gets too much for him if they are constantly in his face. He likes to bark at cats, but if you tell him leave it he avoids them and doesn’t mess with them again. He is obsessed with the pool and loves to swim. He would love to have a dog friend to play with but would also love to snuggle on the couch. Cooper knows how to heel, sit and stay. He knows leave it and we are working on down. 



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    • Rachel LFS Reply

      Yes he does. He gets along well with most dogs, he just doesn’t like very energetic dogs up in his face (understandable).

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