Lulu – Adopted 05/11/2019

Happy Gotcha Day Lulu!

MEET LULU!! Lulu is a pretty, 9 year old lab mix who is very sweet. Sadly her mother had to be placed in a home that does not allow pets, so Lulu finds herself in need of a new, forever home. We are sure Lulu is confused about what happened to her, and we want to make sure she finds a wonderful new home where she can know love again. Lulu is a wonderful girl. She is great with cats, children, and all people. Although she is friendly to other dogs, Lulu seems to prefer to be the only dog in the house. She is housetrained too (woohoo!). Lulu is past the crazy puppy stage and would be perfect for anyone looking for a more mature, trained dog to join their family. 

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FOSTER UPDATE 05/08/2019: Lulu is still looking for her forever home. Lulu is a sweet, pretty senior who loves to get attention from all people and gets along with cats. She is fine with dogs while out walking but wants to be the boss at home so she needs to be an only dog. She would love a backyard to explore, and she loves to go for walks.Come a meet her at the adoption this Saturday 5/11!


LULU UPDATE 02/04/19: I can’t say enough good things about adorable Lulu! She has a sweet, gentle nature and the cutest personality. She is super easy going and a great companion. She is totally housebroken, knows many commands, and has her own cute way of letting you know if she needs something like a trip outside to take care of business or when someone forgets her post-walk treat! She loves people and will practically wag her tail off when company comes to visit and then lay down with her head resting on their feet. She walks well on a leash and rides well in the car. Lulu recently spent a week with a temporary foster family with two small children and a cat, and everything went well. She loved all the attention and the big backyard where she could enjoy the sun and the spring breeze. She would love a family with a backyard to explore, but she is also doing great without one taking regular walks instead. This sweet senior girl will bring lots of love and laughter to her new family.


LULU UPDATE 02/04/19:  Lulu is a lovely senior girl. She may be a lab mix on the outside, but her heart and soul are pure labby sweetness. She loves people and food in equal amounts  She is totally house trained and will even let you know if she needs to go out. Lulu is 9 years old so she doesn’t need a ton of exercise to keep her calm, but she does love to go for walks (and would also love to chase squirrels up trees if she had the chance). She needs to lose some weight so we’ve been walking quite a bit, and she’s always eager to go as she enjoys meeting new people. When she plays with her toys, she kicks and throws them around herself and then chases them in the cutest way! As a senior she sleeps plenty, but she also likes to keep an eye on what’s going on outside and will let you know if someone is near the house with a few barks and growls but just enough to let you know without overdoing it. If you are looking for canine companionship without having to worry about potty training and chewing, Lulu is the perfect candidate. She will reward you with lots of kisses and tail thumping.


LULU UPDATE!! Lulu is a pretty, 9 year old lab mix who sadly has been through a lot in the past few months.Her owner had to be placed in a home that does not allow pets, so Lulu ended up homeless. Since then, she had to stay in boarding at a vet’s office for awhile until we were able to rescue her, and then she moved to a foster home where she was understandably confused. Lulu did well in her foster home and started to become more comfortable, but she started to show us that she would prefer to be the only dog in the home. While she can be friendly to other dogs in public, she doesn’t like to share her food or toys with them in the house, so she would do better by herself. We can’t blame her, as she’s been used to being the only dog in the house for years, so we’ve moved Lulu to a foster home where she can get all the attention. So far she seems to be doing great!

Overall Lulu is a wonderful girl. She is reportedly great with cats, and she’s great with children and all people. Lulu is housetrained too (woohoo!). She is a smart girl and knows commands like sit and shake. Lulu is past the crazy puppy stage and would be perfect for anyone looking for a more mature, trained dog to join their family.

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