Flanagan – Classic City Pups – Adopted 06/09/2019


Happy Gotcha Day Flanagan! 

MEET FLANAGAN: These adorable fluff balls are the newest additions to LFS!! These 4 babies were just rescued from a kill shelter and are being checked out by our vet. Cutters (boy), Magnolia (girl), Flanagan (boy), and Cloud (girl) are about 10-12 weeks old and cute as can be! They are super sweet puppies with the softest fur! These pups are about 75% Lab, as their dad is a purebred Labrador and mom is a Lab/Shepherd mix. They will likely be pretty big dogs when full grown, as their parents weighed about 80 pounds. All of the pups have great little personalities. Flanagan is a bit shy compared to the others, but we think with some TLC, he will come out of his shell in no time.

These pups will be ready for foster or forever homes within the next couple days. If you’d be interested in adopting one of our Classic City Pups, please go to labradorfriends.com/how-to-adopt. If you’re already an approved applicant, email labfriendinfo@gmail.com!

If you’d be interested in fostering a puppy, please go to labradorfriends.com/how-to-foster!

Email questions to labfriendinfo@gmail.com!


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  1. Greg Hunter

    My name is Greg Hunter. My wife Cecilia has applied for and been approved for a pet adoption. She has sent several emails since June 4th attempting to get an appointment to adopt one of the four dogs. She has only gotten one response from Roberta on June 7th saying that the two males have been adopted but the two females were still available. She said to email her and let her know if we would like to set up an appointment.Cecilia emailed back that day stating that we would like to set up an appointment. No response. Cecilia emailed again this morning as she saw that Magnolia was still available and received a response this evening that Magnolia is no longer available. Is the demand for rescue puppies this high? Is there a list of people waiting to adopt that are ahead of us? Why did she suggest emailing to set up an appointment if she was not going to respond? It would be nice to know if there are a lot of people ahead of us so we don’t get our hopes up about adopting a puppy. You all do a great job of generating interest in the labs. I would like to know how to get a response. My number is 678-427-9710

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