Storm – Adopted 05/15/2019

Happy Gotcha Day Storm!

MEET STORM!! This handsome boy is the newest addition to LFS. True to his namesake, Storm was found in the middle of a severe thunderstorm. It is unknown whether he was abandoned in the neighborhood or just simply wandered off, but numerous attempts to find his possible family were unsuccessful. 

Since being found, Storm has been learning the ropes of “how to dog”. When he was found, he didn’t seem to know what treats or toys were, and it seemed like he just didn’t understand what was going on. With the help of some new doggy friends, Storm quickly began to learn what being in a home is all about. 

This big goofball is roughly 2 years old and weighs 75 lbs. He is overweight and should lose a few pounds, after which he would ideally be around 65-70 pounds. He is a very active, high energy dog and loves to play with other dogs. Storm’s favorite toy is a tennis ball. He will sit for long periods of time with just the ball in his mouth, and he’s even learned to toss it back to you when playing fetch. Someone has obviously worked on obedience with Storm in the past. He knows basic commands fairly well. He will sit, lay down, back up, and shake. Stay is a work in progress as he prefers to be within arms reach of people. He will definitely need someone who is willing to work with him to maintain and expand on these tricks. He could use some work with leash training, as he gets excited and pulls, but he is a super smart boy and should learn quickly. Storm actually loves walks so much that he’ll come and find you with the leash in his mouth when he’s ready to go. He is definitely food and toy motivated, taking treats very gently. He is also big on thank you kisses. 

Storm truly is a sweetheart that wants nothing more than to be close to people and his dog friends. He has yet to meet a stranger! 

He will never be out of eyesight from you if he can help it. He loves a good cuddle on the couch and belly rub. He even enjoys being toweled off after a bath or after coming in from the rain. 

He has not been in close proximity to a cat yet but does not bark at them when they come in the yard. Storm is ready to find a forever home with people that will love and spoil him for the rest of his life!