MEET DON!! This big handsome man is around 5 years old. We rescued him from the shelter after he was found as a stray and never reclaimed. Don is a fun, happy dog. He hasn’t met a stranger yet. He is a lot of dog at 81 pounds, and though he gets excited on the leash and pulls a bit, he responded well to correction. He doesn’t seem to know many commands yet, but it’s never too late to learn! When I met Don, he was having a blast exploring the yard, and when he got hot, he just plopped down in the shade next to me. I think this boy would be quite content to be someone’s next lounging buddy. He appears to do well with other dogs. Don is crate trained, though we’re not sure about house training yet. Stay tuned for more info as we learn more about him!

Foster update 01/04/19: Don is doing great.He is such a happy dog. His tail wags constantly. He is super friendly. He loves to sprint full speed around the backyard. Don loves to curl up under my feet as I sit at the computer. He wants nothing more than to be right next to you. Don sits instantly as soon as he sees the treat box come out. Like all Labs, he loves attention. He is crate trained and housebroken and he knows sit. He sleeps on a blanket in my room at night with no accidents. He wears the goofy, silly lab smile at all times. Don is just a really sweet, sweet dog.