Goose – Adopted 08/10/2019

Happy Gotcha Day Goose!


MEET GOOSE!! This handsome man is a super sweet lab mix, about around 3-4 years old. Goose was found wandering the streets as a stray. From his condition and behavior, it was clear that he used to belong to somebody, but sadly no one came to claim him from the shelter, and with space running out, his life was in danger. Now he’s safe with LFS and ready to start a new life. Goose is a loveable goof of a dog. He was super happy to get out of the kennel and loves to go for walks. The corners of his eyes turn down a little bit, so he looks sad/worried a lot of the time, but he’s really not!! He loves to be petted and will come lean on you for some loving. He also likes to explore the yard and sniff everything. Fun fact: Goose will spin in circles chasing his own tail sometimes! He seems to like other dogs and did well with both big and small dogs at the shelter and vets office. He and Todd, another adoptable LFS pup, just wanted to play together, and there was a lot of play-bowing and wiggles!! Goose has been friendly with every person he’s met so far too. He hopped in the car on his own and curled up into a ball to sleep about 20 minutes into our ride. After seeing our vet for a full physical and to get up to date on his vaccines, it was determined Goose is an overall healthy dog. 

Goose will be at our adoption event tomorrow! Details are in our events section. Come meet him and see how soft his fur is!!

Goose needs a foster home!! If you’d be able to foster, please go to

If you’d like to adopt Goose and make him a member of your family, go to!

UPDATE 1/16/19!! Goose has been doing really well in his foster home. He is a loving boy who gets along great with people and other dogs. He met some children at our last adoption event and did great with them too! Goose is housebroken and knows some commands, and he walks well on a leash. He is a young boy and enjoys running around in his foster dad’s yard, but he’s not too energetic. He’s kind of silly and will sometimes chase his own tail, just because! Goose isn’t the biggest fan of the camera, but don’t let his sad eyes fool you, he’s a happy boy!

GOOSE UPDATE!! Goose and I went for a walk down to city hall today. He was a perfect gentleman on the leash and didn’t mind passing cars or people. When we got to the park area, he wanted to play and bounce around, and it was just the cutest thing! He loved to watch and chase falling leaves from the trees, and he seems to like to chase shadows as well. He would probably love a laser pointer . Goose does well with other dogs. When I introduced him to a cat at the clinic today, she hissed and puffed herself up at him, and he immediately backed off. He seemed to want to sniff her, but she wasn’t having it, and he respected that. This considered, I think Goose could be okay with cats who let him know who’s boss. I can’t guarantee he won’t try to chase a cat in a home environment, but I think a dog saavy cat could work. 

Goose is still looking for a foster or forever home! He’s a 3-4 year old lab mix with a great personality!



11 comments on “Goose – Adopted 08/10/2019”

  1. Jennifer Fogg

    Hello – I was wondering if goose was still available. My husband and I lost both our labs from cancer, and we are ready to have a fur baby again!

    Thanks – Jen

    • Rachel LFS

      Yes he’s still available, and he’ll be at our adoption event this weekend. If you haven’t already, please fill out an adoption application at Details on our adoption event can be found in the events section on our site!

  2. Meg Murray

    Is Goose still available? If so, will he be at the April 27th adoption? We adopted Onyx from you about 6 years ago and unfortunately lost him New Year’s Eve. His story is on your rainbow bridge page.
    Thanks in advance!
    Meg Murray

  3. Shannon

    Is Goose still available? He looks like a sibling to my Skye (formerly snickers) that I adopted from you 3 years ago. I think they could be great friends!

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