Ranger – Adopted 09/29/2019

Happy Gotcha Day Ranger!

MEET RANGER!! This handsome boy is about 2-3 years old a new addition to LFS. He was part of a hoarding case and was just rescued from the shelter. Ranger is very sweet and affectionate to people and will slowly crawl into your lap for cuddles. He is a pretty timid boy, so he will need some socialization and patience to help him become more confident. Ranger hasn’t ever been walked on a leash before, so he is slowly learning what leashes are. Keep checking back for updates as we get this guy settled in and learn more about him!

Ranger unfortunately hasn’t had the best start to life and needs to learn what the good life is all about. He needs some TLC and patience to help him learn how to be a dog. If you would be interested in adopting Ranger, please visit  or send an email to labfriendinfo@gmail.com if you’re already approved to foster. Thanks!

Foster Update 09/28: Ranger is totally coming out of his shell.  He is a very happy boy who loves to run in the yard.  He plays hard and then sleeps hard.  He warms up to people very quickly.  He’s a little timid at first but within 5 minutes he’s over it and very social.  
Definitely potty trained and learning to go into crate on demand.  Sleeps in crate all night no issues.  Learning sit and how to walk on leash (does better in harness) but still needs time and attention.  Loves to play with my dogs and not bothered by cats at all.  He is a jumper and we’re working on that too.  

 He’s definitely a Velcro pup and needs to know where I am at all times… but he’s a really good boy…just needs a few manners.

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