Cadillac – The Luxury Pups – Adopted 10/03/2019

Happy Gotcha Cadillac!

MEET CADILLAC! Cadillac is one of the Luxury pups….These 4 adorable babies were found as strays and never reclaimed, so now they’re getting a second chance to find their forever homes and live the lives of luxury they deserve Lexus and Mercedes are both females, and Cadillac and Bentley are both males. We estimate them to be around 11 weeks old. While we’re unsure what they’re mixed with, we do know they’re super cute! All of the pups are very sweet and happy babies. The girls are bit more adventurous than the boys, though the boys are slowly starting to come out of their shells. They have had their first puppy vet visits and are now ready to go to foster or forever homes. Stay tuned for more updates as they grow and show us more of their personalities!

Foster update 09/13/19: Cadillac, who we call Coupe, has been with us for 6 weeks now.  He is definitely happiest when he is with his entire pack – 2 humans and his 4 furry foster-siblings.  He gets anxious when left alone or is unable to be near our other pups.  For this reason we believe he would be happiest in a forever home with at least one other dog that could be his buddy, especially when the humans are unavailable.  Cadillac has learned to leave our grumpy dog alone and loves Abby, our 7 year old female lab mix, the best.  She is very patient and they have similar energy levels. 

Cadillac is still growing.  He is approximately 17 weeks old and weighs about 28 pounds.  He is not neutered yet.  He has the sweetest personality and gives kisses but doesn’t really cuddle right now.  Too much puppy energy, curiosity and fear of missing out on something exciting J  Cadillac is food motivated which is great for training.  He has mastered “sit” and “in your house”.  He is crate-trained.  He sleeps in a crate with lots of stuffed toys in our room at night and is crated next to our other dogs while we are at work.  He will tell you when he needs to go out when he is in his crate.  He is not as good about telling you when he is playing so we are still working on house training.  Keeping him on a schedule and a close eye on him when he plays are key to being successful.  He is great at picking up on routines and the cues of his foster-siblings.  Cadillac has not been around cats so that is an unknown.  He has had limited exposure to children but he did really well at the last adoption event with all the attention from young admirers.
Cadillac loves toys.  The more they squeak and/or bounce around the better!  He likes all types of chewing toys – Nylabones of all types, antlers and Kongs.  We have a basket of them for the house and each night he empties the basket and collects them on a nearby dog bed.  We haven’t tried tennis balls with him yet but we think the potential is there.

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