Lexus – The Luxury Pups – Adopted 10/03/2019

Happy Gotcha Day Lexus!

MEET LEXUS! Lexus is one of the Luxury pups….These 4 adorable babies were found as strays and never reclaimed, so now they’re getting a second chance to find their forever homes and live the lives of luxury they deserve Lexus and Mercedes are both females, and Cadillac and Bentley are both males. We estimate them to be around 11 weeks old. While we’re unsure what they’re mixed with, we do know they’re super cute! All of the pups are very sweet and happy babies. The girls are bit more adventurous than the boys, though the boys are slowly starting to come out of their shells. They have had their first puppy vet visits and are now ready to go to foster or forever homes. Stay tuned for more updates as they grow and show us more of their personalities!

Foster update 09/12/2019: Lexus is  feeling more at home in a home. Still working on potty training.. she doesn’t quite get it yet.  She is hesitant to go outside in the dark. She is learning to ride in the car. We taught her how to swim incase she falls in! She loves eating, chewy bones, and plays well with others. She gets along with the cat. She refers to old dog Woody. She loves playing with Chloe.  She is starting to get mischevious now that she’s unwinding. 

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  1. Joanne seymour

    These 4 are all adorable. Are any of them still available? Though I am not sure if a puppy is what I should be looking for. I am looking for a dog for my 13yr old son who has Autism. He is verbal and very high functioning. A puppy might be too excitable. For him. He needs a buddy and playmate who he can hug and throw a ball for and sleep with and grow with. He so wants a puppy. How much is it to adopt?

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