Miss Bella – Adopted 11/29/2019

Happy Gotcha Day Miss Bella!

MEET MISS BELLA her seven pups. There are 4 girls and 3 boys. Our transporter that drove over 5 hours round trip to get them and bring to our vet.

Labrador Friends always Rescue now and ask questions later. That’s what we did when we heard about momma Bella and her pups. When you see their faces, we think you’ll agree that we did the right thing. These precious faces are just about 1 week old lab puppies and their mom needed out of the shelter.

They were all rushed to the vet and will be watched over as they grow and as they need vetting and etc. Meanwhile, would you consider donating to give them a good start in life? If you can share this post to help us pay for their vetting.

To donate through PayPal https://labradorfriends.com/donate-2/

You can also use the Facebook Donate button or mail a check.
To donate by mail:
Labrador Friends of the South
PO Box 933
Cumming, GA 30028

10 comments on “Miss Bella – Adopted 11/29/2019”

  1. Deborah Murphy

    Is the yellow one available. We adopted Banjo(now named Shadow) from you on 7/13 and looking for a playmate.

    We are interested in a yellow one.

  2. Jenny Joyce

    Debbie, We already have 5 approved applications so far. None of the moment say the Yellow. But they would be first to pick. They will not be ready for another 8 weeks.
    If you are instead in one of them, you will need to fill out a new application for one.
    If you have anymore questions please send email to labfriendinfo@gmail.com

  3. Naomi Matyas

    Hello! I just filled out the application and paid the application fee. We would love one of these pups. Is there anything else I need to do?

  4. Yvette Hardy

    I just recently completed my application interview; however, I’m waiting for my approval. I understand you currently have five approved applications but I wanted to know if one of the puppies were still available.

  5. Melanie Johnson

    I just completed our application and payment. Hoping one of these cuties is still available!!!

  6. Paige

    Hi there, We submitted an application and were approved a few months ago. I emailed on the 20th about our interest in a male puppy but never heard back. Can you let us know? We are hoping to adopt one of these sweet pups. Thank you for taking care of Bella and her babies!

  7. Sierra Harter

    We would love a chocolate one only thing my son asked for from SANTA this year was a chocolate lab hoping to get some good news I know it will make one little boy so happy

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