Tumble – Adopted 12/07/2019

Happy Gotcha day Tumble!

MEET TUMBLE!  Tumble just arrived to LFS. He is about 10 weeks old.  Please come back for updates as we learn more about him.What a difference a few weeks can make!  Tumble has gotten comfortable with us and come out of his shell.  We have discovered that he actually is food motivated which is helpful.  He is very smart and you’ll need to stay one step ahead to keep everyone out of trouble – LOL.  He is very affectionate in his puppy way and can be quite cuddly.

Foster update 11/06/2019: Tumble is an active 16 week old male pup that weighs approximately 17 pounds.  He loves to play with toys, run and wrestle with our other dogs.  He is full of puppy energy as you would expect.  Both ears are standing up now and he is losing his baby teeth J  Tumble is food motivated and extremely smart.  He is crate trained, rides well in a vehicle, walks well on a leash given his limited practice, and is house trained.  Tumble doesn’t care for being short and likes to climb on things so he has a better vantage point.  He would love a forever home with at least one other dog that will play with him and provide him guidance.  He will need humans that are willing keep him challenged; we think he will be amazing at agility training when older.  Come meet Tumble this Saturday at our adoption event!

Foster update 10/21/2019: Tumble is approximately 14 weeks old and about 16.5 pounds.  He has puppy energy as to be expected.  As long as he has the opportunity to burn that energy he settles down nicely into routines and is a great companion.  He is small but mighty.  He is curious about everything and hates to be left out of what the pack or his humans are doing.  Our three lab mixes have grown accustomed to him and will correct him when he forgets his doggy manners.  They enjoy playing tag and running around the back yard together.  Tumble likes to play with his furry foster siblings in the morning while we are getting ready for work and in the backyard when we get home from work and he enjoys cuddling with them in the evenings before bed.  He would love a forever home with at least one other dog that will continue to give him guidance and be his playmate. 

Tumble is still skittish around loud noises and when in new places or around new people.  We learned that he is not a fan of the lawnmower this weekend.  He was a little tentative while we were at an adoption event but once he got settled and figured out what was going on he was open to exploring and greeting new people, including children.  He doesn’t have experience around cats so we aren’t sure how he would do.  We guarantee he will be curious about them as he is with everything else in the world.
Tumble is crate trained and house trained (as long as you get outside quickly first thing in the morning!).   We continue to reinforce these great behaviors every day.  He is getting more consistent with “sit” and we are still working on “down” and “off”.  Once he is a little older we think he would excel at agility training.  His coordination is excellent and he has no fear of climbing on things or jumping.  He loves toys – chew toys and squeaky soft ones.  At night he sleeps in his crate with several large stuffed animals or more accurately on a pile of stuffed animals J  Tumble rides very well in a vehicle.  He hasn’t spent much time on a leash since we have a back yard but has done reasonably well when asked.  We plan to work on that skill more this coming weekend.  Given how smart he is, we think that Tumble will excel in a formal training setting and it would be a great way to strengthen the bond with him as he loves attention and praise.

Foster update 10/07/2019: Tumble has only been with us for a week so we are still learning about him.  He is approximately 12 weeks old and about 20 pounds.  He is energetic, excited and interested in everything.  He enjoys being around our pack but his favorite is Max.  Tumble still needs to learn better manners as he jumps up into their faces or on their backs which is rarely well received.

He enjoys running around the back yard with the other dogs or on his own.  He entertains himself with magnolia leaves in the yard. Tumble has not been around cats or kids so we are not sure how he would be.  He does jump up a lot and is skittish around loud noises. Max’s deep barking sends Tumble for the door to go inside every time.

Tumble is doing well with crate training and house training.  He is not food motivated but he seems to be very smart.  We are working on “sit” and”off”.



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  1. Alexandra Rearick

    Hello! I am hoping to learn more about Tumble and if he would enjoy a home with me.

  2. Jason Scott

    Would love to know more about this pup. We live in the Charlotte area and are looking to add another pup to the pack.

  3. Sherry Guy

    Is Tumble still available? We adopted from LFS 12 years ago and just lost him to complications of old age. We would love to adopt from LFS again and Tumbler is such a cutie.

  4. Sherry Guy

    We adopted from LFS 12 years ago and just lost him two months ago to complications of old age. We would love to adopt from LFS again and Tumbler is such a cutie. Can we arrange a meet and greet?

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