Enoki – Adopted 01/11/2020

Happy Gotcha Day Enoki!

MEET ENOKI!! This little guy was originally part of Bella’s mushroom litter, but we quickly noticed that something was different about him. You see, around the time of weaning, Enoki wasn’t thriving as well as his brothers and sisters, and he was clearly much smaller than the rest of the pups. He was moved to a foster home to get one-on-one, specialized care, and soon it was evident that things just weren’t quite right. After lots of testing, Enoki came up slightly positive for distemper virus. The treatment for distemper is supportive care, and we did just that! Now Enoki is doing great and is finally ready to find his forever home. 

While he is still your happy-go-lucky, typical puppy, Enoki (also known as “Little Man”) does have some special needs that will be important for the remainder of his life. Canine distemper virus affects the nervous system in some dogs, and some of these changes can be permanent following infection. Enoki can eat and drink well on his own, though it may take him a bit longer to do so than a normal dog. He also has some issues with his balance, so he walks and runs a little funny. Because he is somewhat imbalanced, his ideal forever home is one with the least amount of stairs as possible. He can currently manage 3 steps to go in and out of his foster’s house to potty, but more than that may prove to be a challenge for him. 
Here’s what Enoki/Little Man’s foster mom said about him: “Little man is super easy going, coming along nicely with being house-training, getting the hang of walking on a leash, sweet with other dogs, and loves to run and play. He will find any water and attempt to play in it. One of the most laid back puppies. He does great in his crate and sleeps in it at night. We are working on sit and come.” 
For questions about Enoki, please email labfriendpres@gmail.com
If you would like to adopt Enoki and make him a member of your family, visit labradorfriends.com/how-to-adopt or email labfriendinfo@gmail.com if you’re already approved.