Lime – Adopted 02/8/2020

Happy Gotcha Day Miss Lime!

MEET LIME: Hi, I’m Lime!! I’m a super fun, energetic girl, around 6 years old. The lemon to my lime got adopted at the shelter, and no one else was coming to get me, so the nice ladies there asked LFS to help me. Now I’m ready to find my forever home!! I LOVE people and am just so happy to be around them. I like to run around and explore the yard, and I really like water. I tried to swim in the water bucket at the shelter, but it was too small for me, so I would love a family who wants to take me swimming! I get along with other dogs and ride well in the car. I don’t go potty in my kennel, and the lovely people who take care of me say that I seem to be housebroken. I could use some work on my leash manners, but I know some commands already, so I’m a smart cookie! I am a bit of a chonk, so I got started on a diet which I’m not too happy about, but soon I will get my figure back! I really hope I can find a family to love me forever and ever! 

If you want to adopt me, please go to or email if you’re already approved. 

If you can foster me so I don’t have to stay at the vet’s office, please go to or email if you’re already approved. Thanks! 

Foster update 01/24/2020: We’ve been fostering “Lime” for about 2 weeks now.  We’ve been calling her “Pretty Girl” for obvious reasons…  she is gorgeous!  Lime is energetic, but after a few minutes of playing, she prefers to lay down near you.  She loves playing with our kids, who are 5 and 3.  All she really ever wants to do is be with us.  We easily crate trained Lime and now she goes to bed just by us asking her to do so.  She is very perceptive and easily trained.  We’ve only had one bathroom accident in the house and that wasn’t Lime’s fault.  She’s food motivated, like  99.9% of all Labs, but she hasn’t counter-surfed or stolen food off of plates, etc…  We’re not certain she had ever been walked on a leash, but has made great strides in learning how to behave on leash.  She still pulls a little bit from time to time, but she’s overall very well mannered on leash.  She gets along great with our dog, who can be a little standoffish with fosters.  Lime will bark when someone comes to our door, but only once or twice, then she goes back to whatever she was doing.

We think Lime would excel with a family/children or without. Basically, she’s a big love bug who wants treats, attention, and cuddling.  Lime is truly a wonderful dog and would make anyone who wants a sweet Lab friend very, very happy.