Nova – Adopted 04/26/2020

Happy Gotcha Day Nova!

MEET NOVA!! This beautiful chocolate girl is about a year old and one of the newest additions to LFS. Nova is as sweet as can be and seems to love other dogs. She walks well on a leash and while she has some puppy energy, she is a pretty gentle girl. Unfortunately Nova must not have had the easiest time before ending up at the shelter, as she had an old injury to her left hip and wasn’t putting much weight on her left back leg. X-rays showed a gnarly femur fracture, and Nova will need surgery (FHO) so we can get her mobility back and get her feeling comfortable  again. Nova also needs to be spayed. Surgery will cost between $2000-2500. 

We are a small rescue, and with all the dogs we’ve pulled from shelters, vetted, and housed in the last couple of weeks, we just don’t have those kind of funds right now. With our foster shortage, many of our dogs are having to stay in boarding with daycare, and those costs quickly add up. Nova is only a year old and has an entire life left to live ahead of her. We can’t let her keep living in pain, but we need your help. If you can donate for Nova’s care, please go to or donate with the link on this post. 

Alternatively, if you cannot donate but would like to become a foster family for one of our many dogs in need, please go to Email with any questions. Thank you! 

Foster Update 04/22/2020: Nova is an absolute doll and so much fun to be around. Her manners are improving and she’s graduated to having free roam of the house when we are gone (although let’s be real, that doesn’t happen too often these days). She is recovering nicely from her hip surgery and the muscles in her leg are getting stronger each day. It surely doesn’t stop her from doing whatever she wants. This girl can run around in the backyard with the best of them!  Speaking of the backyard, she absolutely loves spending time outside. She enjoys laying in the sunshine and would honestly stay outside all day if we’d let her.  She gets along so well with our dogs and would be thrilled to have a fur brother and/or sister (or multiple) to play with in her forever home. She is very active so daily walks and plenty of exercise are a must. Don’t let that fool you though because she also loves to curl up on the couch and cuddle with you for hours. She’s actually asleep with her head in my lap as I write this Because she is such a happy, active dog, she’d probably be better in a home without small children as her version of play can sometimes be a little on the rough side. PLEASE don’t misunderstand what we are saying though because it is 100% playfulness and she doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. She’s a total sweetheart with an amazing personality. We just adore her. ️

Foster Update 02/26/2020: We have been fostering Nova for about a month now. Nova has been such a joy to have as our foster pup. She is an absolute gem. She is about 6 weeks post surgery on her leg/hip recovery and is doing great. She is still building back muscle in her leg but is definitely using her leg a lot more. Nova has no problem going up and down steps or running on it. 

Foster update 02/02/2020: Sweet Nova is loving life now that her hip surgery is behind her!  She is using that leg a good bit already and is clearly feeling much better – so thank you for all of the generous donations that made it possible! Nova is a playful, happy girl that just wants love and attention.  And such a cuddle bug too!  She enjoys sleeping upside down, which is just adorable, and will instantly melt your heart when she looks at you with those pretty brown eyes. She is potty trained, crate trained, and gets along with other dogs. We’d say she is pretty much the total package so come meet her on Saturday at our event!