Eric – The 70’s show pup – Adopted 05/02/2020

Happy Gotcha Day Eric!

MEET ERIC. Eric is one of Jackie’s pups (aka The 70’s show litter). They are now 4.5 weeks old and doing great! Momma is doing well and starting to enjoy some alone time throughout the day so she can rest. The pups are starting to be weaned and have begun developing their personalities. They are exploring their surroundings more and are learning to play with each other. There are 6 pups total, 5 boys (Redd, Hyde, Eric, Fez, and Kelso) and 1 girl (Kitty).

These pups won’t be ready for adoption for another few weeks, but if you’re interested in adopting, go ahead and fill out an adoption application at!

We’ll make another post when they’re ready to go to their forever homes!