Bo – Holiday Pup – Adopted 05/10/2020

Happy Gotcha Day Bo!
MEET BO!! This cute little guy is about 5.5 months old. Bo was originally adopted when he was a baby in December, but his puppy energy ended up being too much for his adopters to handle, so he is once again looking for his forever home. He is an affectionate boy and loves to play. 
Bo is a very active, higher energy dog. He had a set back in his socialization and training during the time that he was not around other dogs, so he had to relearn “how to dog” when he came back to LFS. Since coming back, Bo has been evaluated by a trainer, and we learned that Bo had a low frustration threshold, meaning he would bark and jump until he got what he wanted. Since his evaluation, Bo has been in a foster home where his foster family has been working with Bo to correct these behaviors and give him more mental stimulation. He has relearned how to play with other dogs and would do well with another dog that can roughhouse with him.  He has been working on crate/house training and is making some progress. 
At this time, Bo would do best with an experienced dog owner/family that could provide consistent guidance and training. His ideal forever home is also one with no small/young children. This is not because he is aggressive, but because he can be physical at times, he would be likely to knock a small child over and possibly accidentally injure them. 

TO ADOPT BO: To make Bo a member of your family, go to  to fill out an adoption application. If you’re already approved and want to meet Bo, email!

TO FOSTER: To become a foster family for LFS, go to  to fill out a foster application. If you have already been approved to foster, please email  

Foster update 04/05/2020: Bo is enjoying the weather now that is off mega restricted activity.  He has been really good this week.  Last pic is from the kitchen – He has been helping us cook in the evenings.