Momma Jackie and 70’s show Pups – Adopted 05//16/2020


Happy Gotcha Day Jackie!


Momma Jackie and the 70’s Show Litter are now 1 week old. The are all doing good, eating and sleeping. If you would like to donate to their vet bills please see link

The 70’s show themed  5 boys 2 girls
Jackie mom


Foster update 05/12/2020: This is one sweet dog.   She loves to be brushed and petted.  She’s playful and does zoomies when she’s really happy. Sweet Pea responds and comes when you clap your hands, sleeps in the crate (it’s a roomy one) and hardly barks. She prefers outside to in and will be good with children. No accidents since she’s been here.

Foster update 05/03/2020: She loves to be brushed, petted, and rubbed.   She’s a calm dog, has only barked once and gladly stopped when we walked over to her.  She prefers being outside in the shade.    Last night was spent in the crate with no noise or resistance. She’s a good companion on a walk.  This morning we took a three mile walk and she did very well on the leash. Did I say she likes to be petted?   ;-).