Milo – Adopted 06/01/2020

Happy Gotcha Day Milo!

MEET MILO!! This adorable little guy just came to LFS yesterday. He is approximately 6 months old, and sadly he hasn’t had the best start to life. Milo was found abandoned on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere Alabama. He doesn’t seem to have had much human interaction and is still very scared of new people, new environments, and new noises. Milo was so frightened at the vet’s office that he wouldn’t move and had to be picked up and carried. He perked up when he got to meet another dog and would likely do best with another dog to show him the ropes. This sweet boy has been failed by people in the past, but we are going to do everything we can to change that now and give him the second chance he deserves. Milo will be moving to his foster home in the coming days where he will be able to learn to trust and get some much needed socialization. We’ll post updates on his progress as we get them!


Update 05/28/2020: Milo has been with us five days now. He LOVES other dogs, especially our active one. He plays hard but isn’t hyper; he’ll curl up for long naps. He hasn’t had a single accident in the house – not bad for a six month old puppy. He sleeps quietly in his crate at night.

Milo’s previous exposure to people wasn’t positive, so he has some fears to overcome. But he’s made steady progress in the five days we’ve had him. At first he shied away when we tried to touch him; now he actually seeks out some petting. He’s comfortable laying next to us on the couch now. He was terrified to walk down the hall and into his crate but this morning he was brave enough to voluntarily go into his crate for breakfast. Doorways scare him but not as much. He shuts down when the leash is attached and lays down but we’ll work on that soon.

Milo will need two things in his forever home: another active dog(s) and an owner with the patience to help him continue to gain confidence. He is a sweet, special boy and once his trust in people is restored he’ll make a great companion. And he’s adorable!