MEET MADDOX!! This adorable guy came in with Angelina and Zahara. He’s about 8 months old and as sweet as can be. Maddox is a goofy boy who loves giving kisses. The shelter said he was super nervous and wouldn’t walk on a leash, but he has done well since leaving the shelter and has greeted everyone with a wagging tail and smile on his face! Maddox seems to love other dogs and would be happy to have a buddy to play with. He’s working on kennel training and would benefit from some obedience training as well. Maddox is a super lovable guy and would make a great addition to an active family.

Foster update 06/28/2020: Maddox is settling right in… very wiggly puppy but has started to settle down more quickly.  Still not interested in cat.  Had friends over last night and he peed in excitement but not shy or wary of
either the men or women…

Other than peeing in excitement he’s only had two accidents…unfortunately the most messy one was in his crate when I had to run out yesterday to do a few errands.  He is not a fan of baths but
unfortunately it was not an option!He did whine and cry a lot at this morning at 230am to wake me up…we got outside in time for him to pee and poop so I’m taking that as a good sign and a win lol.Whatever his story he’s a very happy boy… I can tell that his gait is a little wonky but he does not appear to be in any pain and runs up and down the stairs and in the yard like a champ.