MEET RUSTY!! This handsome man is about 4-5 years old and the newest addition to LFS. Rusty was just rescued from a shelter in rural GA and is happy as can be. He is a sweet, friendly boy who has yet to meet a stranger. Rusty tested well with both female and male dogs at the shelter, and he seemed to ignore a cat during a brief introduction. He is an energetic dog who would do great with an active family. Rusty appears to be kennel trained, though he could use some work with basic commands and walking on the leash. 

Unfortunately Rusty tested positive for heartworms. He is doing well with treatment so far, though he’s definitely not a fan of having to stay exercise restricted. Soon Rusty will be free of those pesky worms and be able to run around and have normal exercise again. Heartworm staging and treatment is unfortunately very costly, and as a smaller rescue, we need some help to be able to get Rusty the treatment he needs. If you can find it in your heart to donate to Rusty’s treatment, please visit We are forever thankful for all the support! 
If you’d be willing to foster Rusty and give him a comfy place to hangout while he undergoes treatment, please go to or email if you’re already approved. 
If you’d be interested in adopting Rusty, please go to or email if you’re already approved. 

Foster update on Rusty 10/05: Rusty’s personality is really starting to come out.  He is so playful and sweet.  All he wants to do is be close to his humans and play with every dog he meets. We’ve also noticed that Rusty is very fond of our children (5 and 4 year olds).  He follows them around & is concerned when he can’t see them while they play, especially outside.  He has fully taken to his crate and goes to bed without any trouble.  Rusty has also figured out the lease and walking.  No pulling or struggling at all, he just walks like a perfect gentleman. He’s fully housetrained and still no counter surfing or trying to steal food. We leave him out often when we’re not at home and he’s been great.  If anyone is looking for the ideal family dog, Rusty would be an excellent choice. 


Foster update on Rusty 09/24: We’ve had Rusty about 3 weeks now.  His personality is really starting to come out.  He’s such a playful and goofy dog.  He still gets along with literally everyone–our dog walker just loves him. Rusty’s housetraining has also progressed quite nicely and we’re down to zero accidents.  He has taken to his crate very well; we’ll often find him napping in there with the door open.  His house manners are progressing nicely too.  There was only one incident with an unattended birthday cake, but it was minor–he didn’t even eat it.  He eats very well and we’d definitely call him “food motivated”.  His heartworm treatment is right on schedule and he takes pills easily wrapped in a little cheese.  If you’re looking for an absolute “love bug” of a dog, Rusty is for you.  


Foster update on Mr Rusty 09/09: We’ve had Rusty for several days now and his personality is really starting to come out.  He appears to be an energetic 4 year old, just based on his behavior.  Rusty is one of the sweetest foster pups we’ve ever had.  All he wants to do is be close to you and be loved on.  He’s great with our kids, ages 3 and 5.  He’s also very good with our dog, even though our dog is getting older and doesn’t want to play as much as Rusty. Rusty has taken to his crate quite well and will nap in it without any prompting.  He walks o.k. on a leash and is getting better every walk.  We believe he’s never spent much time on a leash, if any, nor much time in a household environment.  He doesn’t jump up and he hasn’t “counter surfed”.
He has a few accidents in the house but getting better every day.  He’s on a heartworm treatment regime, so some of the urinary issues are probably because of the Prednisone he’s taking.  On days with no Prednisone, he’s had no accidents. We’ve seen zero signs of aggression, so we think Rusty would be great in a house with other dogs and definitely children.  Basically, he’s just a very sweet and goofy boy who wants to be part of the family at all times.  We’re also sure he’d love to be a solo dog and get all the undivided attention!