Rayne – Adopted 08/24/2020

Happy Gotcha Day Rayne!

MEET MS. RAYNE: Rayne is about 8 years old. She loves the attention to be on her and to get lots of pets.  She is Heartworm positive so she is being treated for that.  She will follow you around everywhere wagging her tail and smiling. She gets along well with other dogs too! Stay tuned for more updates to come!

TO ADOPT RAYNE: To make Rayne a member of your family, go to  labradorfriends.com/how-to-adopt to fill out an adoption application. If you’re already approved and want to meet Rayne, email labfriendinfo@gmail.com!

TO FOSTER RAYNE: To become a foster family for Rayne until she finds his forever home, go to labradorfriends.com/how-to-foster to fill out a foster application. If you have already been approved to foster, please email labfriendinfo@gmail.com.

From Rayne: I like short naps in the sunshine, rolling on by back in the grass and exploring the outdoors. I especially love to be anywhere people are going to be—I love attention. I’m great at burrowing up next to my human companions in the bed. I am a complete bed hog and want to sleep as close to you as possible. I promise to keep you cozy and warm. I don’t like it when you leave me alone but I rejoice in sheer glee upon your return. If I’m feeling sneaky, I might try to grab some human food off of your kitchen table so keep an eye out for my stealth moves.

Foster 08/03/2020: Miss Rayne is doing very well… she still enjoys 2 short walks a day, has a great appetite, follows her human friends constantly, sleeps soundly on the bed next to us, and loves hunting creatures in the backyard. I’m convinced she thinks our furniture was all made for her to commandeer.
She’s a beautiful girl, a gifted athlete and a joy to be around.

Foster 07/09/2020: I love squeaker toys, cuddles, rides in the car and frequent walks. Don’t let the grey hair fool you….I have abundant energy, incredible athleticism, and I’m quick to learn new words. I’m the perfect companion for an active family.

Foster 05/17/2020: Rayne continues to be comfortably settled in and is a very happy, intelligent lady. She’s an incredible athlete and continues to surprise us with her jumping skills. I’m impressed every day with just how strong she is. She loves to be outside and keeps a watchful eye on the birds and squirrels. She continues to enjoy car rides, short walks and exploring the backyard.

Foster 04/23/2020: Rayne is an amazing dog that runs on an abundance of energy. I’m impressed with her agility and strength each day. She’s curious, protective and is a true canine companion that wants to go anywhere people are going. Although she doesn’t answer to her given name yet, she’s very intelligent and understands some basic commands. She continues to be a bed hog that loves snuggling. 

Foster 04/14/2020:  She’s great. All settled in and really a precious lady. She’s very curious, loves being inside the house with people, loves cuddling and is affectionate. She still has abundant energy though she has calmed down some. She takes full advantage of a fenced in backyard to explore shady areas, roll in grass and run to fetch/toss her ball. She loves sitting on furniture and seems used to it. We’ve allowed her to sit on some but not all furniture. We bought some natural raw hide sort of chips and she loves them. She tries to dig holes and hide parts of them in the backyard like buried treasure.