Colt – Adopted 09/11/2020

Happy Gotcha Day Colt!

MEET COLT!! Colt is a 5 year old black lab mix who was recently surrendered to LFS. He is a super sweet boy with a great little smile. Colt is more of a timid dog, so he is nervous around new people and in new situations. He is understandably pretty confused at the moment. Colt does warm up to new people quickly once you start petting him though. His previous owner reported that he is great with children and appears to be good with other dogs. We are unsure how he is with cats. Colt is house trained and good on a leash. Because he is a more nervous dog, we would recommend he go to a calmer home with less hustle and bustle. He would do well with someone willing to give him time to adjust to new environments and/or someone willing to work with him on building confidence. He is a wonderful dog who just needs a chance, and we believe he will blossom within the right home!

If you think you’d like to add Colt to your family, please fill out an adoption application at You can send questions to! Thanks! 

FOSTER UPDATE: We’ve had Colt for 2 full days now and things are going very well.  The introduction to our other foster, Diego, and our dog, Dixie, went just fine. He was understandably a little nervous but didn’t shy away or anything, which was good.  As soon as we got him into our townhouse, you could almost immediately see a weight lifted off his shoulders like he knew he could finally relax.  He ate all of his food like a champ. Colt is still somewhat timid and cautious in certain situations but not shaking/trembling anymore. He is definitely not a fan of car rides though. Diego loves him and really wants Colt to rough house with him, but that’s not really Colt’s style and that’s okay too. Every now and then Colt will join in on a game of “tag” with Dixie and Diego, which is really cute. 

Here’s a few pics of Colt from today. He didn’t waste any time making himself right at home on the couch