Ruby & Lea

MEET RUBY & LEA: Miss Ruby and Miss Lea just got to the vet from their freedom ride. Ruby is 4 years old and Lea is 2 years old.  Miss Ruby is Lea mom. We found out Miss Lea is HW positive, so she will start HW treatment. They a very sweet pair, shy and take to warm up to a new environment. They are very bonded so they will have to be adopted together.

FOSTER UPDATE 10/22/2020: Lea and Ruby are doing great. Still slightly skittish at times, but greatly improved. They are more like siblings than mother-daughter. They play and wrestle with each other like puppies. They are housebroken and know “sit.” They are rarely more than a couple of feet apart. When they are out in the yard and I want them to come in I only have to call out one name. When one comes the other is sure to follow.They sleep on blankets in my room. They seem very content and happy. They are extremely affectionate towards me.They are really nice and happy dogs.



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