MEET MISS PRECIOUS!! This cutie is one of the newest members of LFS. She is approximately 10 Months old.  Precious was just rescued from animal control with her mom RJ,  sisters Coco and  Zip. She is sweet and shy.  She will have to go into a home with another dog.  She will need a very patient family to let her come out of her shell.  More info to come soon.

To FOSTER PRECIOUS, go to or email if you’re already approved.

To ADOPT PRECIOUS, go to or email if you’re already approved.

Foster update 11/22: We have had Precious for about 2 weeks now and came to us as one of the most scared and traumatized dogs we have ever fostered.  We literally had to pick her up to move her anywhere (to go outside, to go to bed, etc.).  She is finally starting to gain some confidence and clearly enjoys acting like a regular dog from time to time, especially when she’s outside in the yard. Our other dogs have been such a help in the whole process as Precious relies on them to show her what to do. For this reason, we feel she must go to a forever home with another dog(s).  Precious has even discovered toys and absolutely loves to play with them. She likes to fling them in the air and will chase anything you throw for her. She has started to come over to us occasionally for some head scratches and has even gotten up on the couch to lay next to us a couple times… which is huge!  She also let our 6 year old nephew lay his head on her and gently pet her. To be clear, Precious will need someone VERY patient as she still has a ways to go. However, the progress made in just 2 short weeks has been great to see and is very encouraging.