Mabel – Adopted 11/07/20

Happy Gotcha Day Mabel!

MEET Mable!! This cutie is one of the newest members of LFS. She isapproximately 2 years old and was rescued from the shelter. More info to come soon..

To FOSTER Mable, go to or email if you’re already approved.

To ADOPT Mable, go to or email if you’re already approved.

Foster update 10/05/2020: As a foster parent, we see this way too often. A puppy, so little and cute. I always tell people, a beautiful, energetic and intelligent dog will either be the best dog you’ve ever had or the worst. It is up to the person or family that made that decision, to help bring the dog to their full potential through exercise and training. Unfortunately Mable’s former owner let her down. It appears that Mable spent the majority or her 2 years in a crate. Over the week I have had her, she has slowly been turning into an absolutely incredible dog. She is a fast learner, responds on command and wants to be loved. Mable loves a good cuddle, doggie day car, car rides, her foster sister, tennis balls and rawhides. Mable will need an experienced dog owner, another dog, and a home with no cats. She needs someone that would enjoy cuddling with her, take her on all the car rides, committed to continuing training and loving her.

This week we have been working on building her confidence, socializing and exercising her. I am happy to say she has been taken off her anxiety medication!! She has attended dinner, live music and wine night with us this week. We have also determined she is great off the leash. She just wants to hang out with you! Mable is going to be an absolutely wonderful dog for the right home!

Foster Update 10/01/20: Mable is still not too sure about the vacuum. But, she does love walks, rawhides, tennis balls and cuddling!

Foster update 09/27/2020: Mable went into her foster home today. After several weeks in a shelter then boarding at the vets office, Mable is obviously ready to get some of her energy out. She spent the day chasing a ball and playing with her new foster sister in the backyard. It seems that Mable has had little obedience training in the past but she is now quickly sitting for a treat . She will be making some new friends tomorrow during doggy day care. We are excited to see this sweet girls personality come out after we get some of this energy out of her. She is currently taking a well deserved nap after an eventful day! 


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