Sadie – Adopted 01/30/2021

Happy Gotcha Day Sadie.


MEET SADIE. This sweet but sad girl is looking for a second chance at a forever home. Sadie is approximately 6.5 years old. She was adopted as a puppy from LFS but was recently returned to us after an altercation with the other dog in the home. She was evaluated by our trainer but was not found to show signs of aggression. Sadie was also previously diagnosed with Addison’s disease a few years ago, so we decided to have her further evaluated by our vet to ensure her condition was being managed appropriately, and sadly we believe we may have found the reason why Sadie lashed out. You see, Sadie has a CCL tear in her left knee (equivalent to the ACL in humans), and was most likely just reacting to that pain. Now that we know what could have caused the altercation, we tried to reunite Sadie with her family but were unable to get back in contact.

Since coming back to us, Sadie has been sad and has been working on coming out of her shell more. She is a loving dog but is nervous with new people at first and takes some time to warm up to you before she starts to show her true personality. With gentle interaction, she has become more strongly attached to her caretakers and a little more outgoing. It has been really nice to see her start to change from the shy, scared dog we took in a couple months ago to the more smiley dog we see now, but we know she has a ways to go. Sadie is house trained, kennel trained, walks well on the leash, and knows some basic commands. She enjoys spending time exploring outside and loves to try to sneak up on the birds and squirrels in the yard.

Though Sadie was let down by her humans in the past, it is up to us now to help give Sadie another chance and get her feeling better so that she can live a long and comfortable future.

Sadie needs surgery to fix her knee, and while it is a manageable condition, Addison’s can be costly to treat.

The estimate for surgery and recovery will be about $2500-3500, and the medication to control Addison’s is around $180-200/month.We are trying to do everything we can to raise the funds to help Sadie, but sadly due to the lingering effects of COVID, as well as the other recent medical cases we have taken on, we are really struggling and we need help. We wouldn’t ask if we didn’t have to, but if you would like to help and can find it in your heart to contribute to Sadie’s care, please visit .
No amount is too small, and we greatly appreciate any and all donations made.

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Update On Miss Sadie after surgery 11/23/20
She is doing good her spirits are good.  She is doing good taking her medication very well.  All of us From LFS say thank you to donating to her surgery!