Veronica -Adopted 02/19/2021

Happy Gotcha Day Veronica!

MEET VERONICA!! This super cute girl is about 10 months old and just came in with her buddy Archie. Both appear to be lab mixes, likely with some sort of cattle dog or collie. Veronica is a smaller pup at around 35 lbs. She is a sweet girl with typical puppy energy. She bounces around in the yard in the cutest way when she’s playing, and the staff at the vet’s office quickly nicknamed her the “bunny rabbit.” Veronica seems to like other dogs and though she is a little shy in new situations, once she can see you mean no harm, her personality quickly starts to come out. Veronica and Archie are on the way to their foster home, so stay tuned for updates as we learn more about them!

To adopt Veronica, go to to fill out an application or email if you’re already approved!

Update from foster home 01/29/21.We have had Archie and Veronica over a week now and wanted to give an update on them. Archie and Veronica pretty much have the same personality… both love attention, are very outgoing, enjoy playing with other dogs, and chasing toys around the house. They absolutely love to get in your lap and curl up while you love on them until they fall asleep. Veronica has not had an accident in the house, while Archie has made a few markings but is definitely better. They both are great in a crate but will bark for a few minutes after you leave. They currently sleep in a crate at night but would probably prefer to curl up next to you on the bed, if that’s your thing . They love to run so if you’re looking for an active pup, one of these (or both) would be great.