Chance and Elise – Adopted 04/04/2021

Happy Gotcha Day Chance & Elsie!
Meet Chance and Elsie!! These 2 purebred labs are a brother and sister duo and are 6 months old. Their previous family sadly ended up being allergic to them, so they are now looking for a second chance at a forever home. Elsie and Chance are very attached to each other and will have to be adopted together. They are both super sweet pups who will be big dogs full grown. While they are a little overweight at the moment, they both weigh about 60 lbs and still have some growing to do. Elsie is definitely the more adventurous and brave of the two, but both are a little nervous in new environments. They need to have a fence. They haven’t quite got the hang of the leash yet, but we’ll work on it. Both are friendly dogs with loving personalities . They love snacks and snuggles and would make great companions for someone looking to add a lot of love to their home. Elsie and Chance will be spayed and neutered in the coming days and then will be ready to move to a foster home. Stay tuned for updates! 
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