Stanley – The Office Pup

MEET STANLEY! Mr. Stanley is estimated to be about 6.5 months to 7 months old. He is very sweet and Shy. He will be getting neutered this week and will be looking for her forever home.

TO FOSTER:  Go to to fill out a foster application or email if you’re already approved.
TO ADOPT: Go to to fill out an adoption application or email if you’re already approved.

Foster update 03/26/2021: Mr Stanley had a fun with his foster siblings in the pool and some furriends at puppy daycare. He is such a good boy!

Foster update 03/20/2021: Stanley is an absolute angel. He had had a few accidents in the house but his belly has been upset so we are working on that. He loves his foster sister Lacey-and since they look identical it is so cute watching them together. He is still nervous meeting new people so we continue to work through that. He loves getting told he is a good boy and is so smart! We think he would love a family that goes on adventures and has another dog to help him grow and get out of his shell. Small children make him nervous with their movements but we continue to meet kids to help with that. At this time older children would be best for Stanley.

He is getting pretty spoiled at his foster home, he continues to scream for hours and hours in his crate so he sleeps with his foster parents like a cat between them all curled up. He loves going to work with his foster mom and playing at doggie daycare. He sometimes gets picked on because he is submissive but his foster sister Lacey makes sure he is taken care of.

Foster update 03/16/2021: Stanley is doing amazing! He loves playing with his foster sisters and foster cats that are in the house.  He is still very nervous but coming out of his shell as the days go on. He HATES a crate and will scream for hours but hasn’t had any accidents in the house yet! Young children make his very nervous and uncomfortable so we think older kids would be best at this time for him. He LOVES to go hiking and play with dogs at doggie daycare. He has also been to the lake and took a little swim. He is a very chill puppy and loves to snuggle always! He sometimes doesn’t like to share his foster mom so we are working on that.