Freddie – Adopted 03/14/2021

Happy Gotcha Day Freddie!

MEET FREDDIE!! This handsome man is about 9-10 years old. He appears to be a purebred black lab. He is a very gentle, calm, and mellow boy who is looking for a forever home to spend his golden years. Freddie gets along great with other dogs and appears to leave cats alone, though he has not been around many cats up to this point. He walks well on a leash and knows some basic commands. Freddie loves car rides and going for walks, and he’s never met a stranger! Freddie really doesn’t like to be alone, so he needs to go to a home where someone can be home a lot of the time. He would be perfect for an older couple looking for a mellow companion. 

**Freddie does have a medical condition that makes him a special needs boy. He is prone to getting perianal fistulas, which require long-term medication to control. At this time, Freddie receives medication once every other day. He continues to do very well as long as he gets his medication regularly and has not had any issues recently! For more information on perianal fistulas, here are some helpful links:
If you would be interested in meeting/adopting Freddie, please visit to fill out an adoption application, or email if you are already approved!

Foster Update 03/1/21:Freddie is a sweet, and mellow dog who  occasionally loves to play. He does have a  little bit of separation anxiety, so it would be better if he was adopted into a home where someone worked from home, or has someone who stays at home. Freddie is very friendly and is good with children and other  pets. Freddie is very food driven and is  mostly energetic when treats are involved. He loves walks, hikes and playing outside. Freddie does have some medical conditions,  including anal fistulas and mild arthritis. Both  are controlled with medication. Freddie also  had heartworm, but he has been treated  and is currently heartworm free. 


Foster Update 08/11/20: Freddie is a super sweet dog that loves everybody. He is so gentle, rarely barks, loves to go for walks and car rides. He gets along really well with other dogs. He has been so happy for the past five months since at least one of us has been home most of the time. Things are about to change with both of his parents heading back to work, and Freddie will have to go back in the crate during the day. We love Freddie and would love to keep him but know that he would be so much happier in a home where there was someone with him most of the time.