MEET MRS TOFFEE! Mrs Toffee is estimated to be 11 year old. She’s SUPER SWEET older lab.  She came in as a stray into a local shelter and no one reclaimed her.   She has normal older dog issues and needs to gain some weight.   She will be going into a foster home soon.

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Foster update 03/28/21: I picked Toffee up from the vet a few days ago. The vet has determined that she is around 11. She was great on the way home from the vet. She slept pretty much the entire way. She is very laid back and loves her new dog bed. Today we went to a brewery, my friend’s house for a dog play date and then to dinner. Toffee behaved wonderfully! She was great will all of the other dogs and kids running around. She also meet the cat today with absolutely no interest. She has been left out of her crate every time I have left the house (up to 3 hours) with no issues. Toffee has had a few accidents in the house so we have been working on getting her into a routine and house trained. Other than that she has been the easiest foster and would fit well in pretty much any household.