Sheik – Adopted 03/28/2021

Happy Gotcha Day Sheik!

MEET MISS SHEIK! Miss Sheik is 3 to 4 months old, sharpei lab mix. She came in with her sister Zelda. They are both sweet girls that loves to play and wiggle around. She is going into foster home today, soon get more pictures and info on her.

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Foster Update 03/23/21 : She is having fun in her foster home.  She’s like that there are so many toys to play with.  I like all of them, I take them all out of the toy box.  I was in my foster home 5 mins and I got this dog door down.  It is fun, you can go in and out all the time. I do jump up so my foster mom keeps telling me no. I do it more when I first see you then I tend to stop. So I probably shouldn’t be in a home with young kids.  I might knock them down because I’m so excited to see them.  I’m crate trained,  but I’m not a 100 house trained yet.