Lee-Ann – Adopted 05/08/2021

Happy Gotcha Day Lee-Ann!

MEET LEE-ANN: Hello everyone I’m Miss Lee Ann’s and Labrador Friends needs some help with me.  Please read all about me below. 

My  personality-if she could fit in my lap she totally would! She just wants to be hugged and will hug you right back. She has no confidence but is so silly when she feels comfortable with you. She would love to sit around and do nothing with someone all day. Doesn’t know any commands and just learned what a door is.

In rescue, there are many times that you see things that make you so upset you just want to stop all together. But then we have to stop and think, what kind of life would these poor babies have if we didn’t do what we do? Lee Ann is one of those dogs that breaks your heart and puts it back together at the same time. This sweet girl has had a rough go of things but we are determined to turn her life around, and she is ready to start over. Lee Ann came to us from a shelter in poor condition, and it’s clear she has not received much prior care to this point. She’s estimated to be about 6-7 years old and came in with severe flea allergy dermatitis and secondary skin infection, which resulted in a lot of hair loss around her body, as well as a painful ear infection. She also had a uterus filled with fluid that was causing her body to think she was pregnant and producing milk, many worn and loose teeth, and a moderate case of heartworms. As if that’s all not enough, Lee Ann also appears to have a mild case of vestibular disease (doggy vertigo), which is suspected to be associated with her ear infection. Despite all that she was going through and that she was clearly uncomfortable, Lee Ann remained the sweetest, most easy going dog. Our vet immediately took action and started Lee Ann on treatment for her skin, ears, and heartworms, and she was spayed to reduce risk of life threatening uterine infection. She also had a dental procedure to help remove the loose teeth that were causing discomfort in her mouth. Now you can tell she certainly feels better and her skin has started to clear up some too. We are continuing to have our vet staff monitor Lee Ann and soon we hope that she will be ready to go to a foster home where she can start learning what the good life is all about.

If you would be interested in Lee Ann when she is ready for adoption, please fill out an application at labradorfriends.com/how-to-adopt or email labfriendinfo@gmail.com.

Given her poor condition when we saved her, Lee Ann has needed a lot of veterinary care to get her nursed back to health. Her current veterinary bill has surpassed $1000 and future heartworm treatment will be another $600-700. COVID has unfortunately hit small rescues like us hard, and as we have not been able to have fundraising events like usual. This has greatly affected how many dogs we can save, as we are limited by funds available for veterinary care. If you can find it in your heart to help donate to Lee Ann’s care, we can help cover her treatment and be able to save more dogs. Every little bit counts and makes a difference, and you have no idea how grateful we all at LFS are for you. If you would like to donate to Lee Ann’s cause, please go to https://labradorfriends.com/donate-2/. Thank you 


Update: Miss Lee Ann has gone into a foster home this weekend.  A lot was going she was figuring it all out.  She has the dog door down that is for sure. 
Needs to gain some weight that is for sure.