Madeline – Adopted 07/15/2021

Happy Gotcha Day Madeline!
MEET MADELINE: Madeline is 6 years old.   **She is heartworm positive so she will need a local adoption in the Atlanta, GA area to finish her heartworm treatment**

Foster Update 6/24/21: We’ve had Madeline for several days and she has seamlessly become a part of the family.  She is simply an amazing dog and absolutely gorgeous!  We’ve had no accidents in the house whatsoever.  In fact, she has no “bad” habits at all, i.e. no chewing, “counter-surfing”, etc….  She barks “hello” exactly once every morning when we come downstairs and let her out of her crate.  She didn’t love the crate at first, but with some gentle coaxing and treats, and she’s taken well to it. 

Madeline  is relaxed, but still pretty energetic when it’s play time.  She has meshed very well with our senior lab, who can be grouchy with foster dogs at times!  She has also interacted with other neighborhood dogs extremely well, showing zero aggression.  Basically, she just wants to meet everyone, human or dog, and see if they want to play and/or pet her.

On our walks she is very easy, with no pulling.  We even let our daughter hold her leash, with no worries.  As for interacting with our children (6 y/o and 4 y/o), she adores them already.  We even saw her “protecting” them from our robot vacuum this morning by keeping right by their side while it was running!  Maddie for short just wants to be close to her people, get belly rubs (her favorite thing), and treats, of course.   She eats well and we’d describe her as “food motivated”, like most labs.

We think Madeline would do very well in a family environment based on her interactions with our dog and our children.  She’d also be a great choice for a home without kids, because she just wants to be close to her people and seems quite happy just relaxing at our feet.     

Miss Madeline says Happy 4th of July 🇺🇸.  Just hanging out in my foster home.  Just waiting For my forever family 🥰.