Bo Duke – Dukes of Hazard Pups – Adopted 08/14/2021

Happy Gotcha Day Bo Duke!

MEET BO DUKE: He is from the Dukes of Hazard pups.
These 4 babies about 7 week old.  3 Boys and 1 Girl.
Daisy Duke
Bo Duke
Luke Duke
Boss Hogg
Thanks to Taylor for giving them their freedom ride.


Foster update 08/14/2021: We have a Game of Thrones x Dukes of Hazzard Crossoved! Bo came to our house Thursday and Tyrion is teaching him the ropes. They play all day and then crash. Tyrion has learned to use the doggie door recently and is very proud of himself. Bo loves to play and loves to cuddle with humans. He is more timid of the two but is very very sweet and loves to cuddle with his humans. Bo sleeps well in his pen at night. We call it the “puppy thunderdome”