Toffee – Adopted 08/14/2021

Happy Gotcha Day Toffee!

MEET MRS TOFFEE! Mrs Toffee is estimated to be 11 year old. She’s SUPER SWEET older lab.  She came in as a stray into a local shelter and no one reclaimed her.   She has normal older dog issues and needs to gain some weight.   She will be going into a foster home soon.

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FOSTER UPDATE 07/24/21: A few picture of Miss Toffee loving life until she finds her forever home.🥰 She hasn’t had any accidents the past month and a half so I would say she is officially house trained!! Toffee has been left out in the house every time I leave for work with no problem. She is absolutely wonderful. Toffee is finally learning how to be a dog after what seems to be years of being an outside dog. She is low energy, doesn’t climb on furniture, good off leash, comes when called, good with cats/kids/dogs and great on a leash (No Pulling)! I can’t wait for her to find a family that will treat her like the Queen she is 🥰🥰.  Seniors are the best. (See the gallery for more pictures)

Happy 4th of July 🇺🇸 from Miss Toffee from her foster home.


Foster update 06/25/21: Miss Toffee has loved rooming with us the past few months. She enjoys going up to the lake on the weekend and wades in the water to cool off. She is off leash pretty much the entire time.  She does wander a little bit but comes when called. Toffee has also learned the joys of sticking her head out window while in the car.  She loves attending any of our outings to dinner or a brewery and makes a very easy addition. She is great with kids, cats and dogs!  See the gallery for more pictures!



Foster update 05/20/21: Miss Toffee has been a joy! Everyone adores her. She has come out of her shell and has the most adorable personality!! It’s obvious she has been left outside a majority of her life. She loves her evening walks but her favorite part of the day is when her foster momma gets home. She starts jumping around the house like a puppy and happy dances She loves my nieces and has had no issues with my roommates cat. We drove up to the lake this weekend and she slept the entire way. She waded in the water a few times but spent most of the weekend relaxing .  See the gallery for more pictures!

Foster update 03/17/21: Toffee is feeling fabulous today! She had a small mass (not cancerous, thank god) a few weeks ago. Her incision has completely healed so she went to the groomers today! The groomer said Toffee loved it and was so well behaved! I can tell she already feels a million times better. She was in pretty poor condition when Lab Friends took her in. Over the past few weeks she has been able to gain some much needed weight! Toffee goes everywhere with us and I always get compliments about her beauty and wonderful demeanor. She is so easy going and loves her foster momma, short walks, naps and treats. She just wants to be included and loved.  I work full time and she is out and about in the house while I’m gone during the day. I come home during lunch to let her out which seems to be about the time she needs to go. Her accidents are now few and far between. She has been great with big dogs, small dogs, cats, and kids. Overall Toffee would make a great addition to any household!



Foster update 03/28/21: I picked Toffee up from the vet a few days ago. The vet has determined that she is around 11. She was great on the way home from the vet. She slept pretty much the entire way. She is very laid back and loves her new dog bed. Today we went to a brewery, my friend’s house for a dog play date and then to dinner. Toffee behaved wonderfully! She was great will all of the other dogs and kids running around. She also meet the cat today with absolutely no interest. She has been left out of her crate every time I have left the house (up to 3 hours) with no issues. Toffee has had a few accidents in the house so we have been working on getting her into a routine and house trained. Other than that she has been the easiest foster and would fit well in pretty much any household.