BooBoo Bear – Adopted 09/10/2021

Happy Gotcha Day Boo Boo!
MEET BOO BOO BEAR. He is 6 weeks old and will be looking for a foster or forever home soon.

Foster update 9/9/2021:  had an exhausting day getting booster shots! The vet says he weighs 14 lbs now and has gotten really big. We aren’t surprised because he is growing like a weed! He has been enjoying playing in the yard with his foster brother since the weather has been cooler. He is now a pro at sleeping in his crate and is getting much better with his house training. He has mastered a doggie door and loves a meal. He is a very enthusiastic dog and loves to see his people. He loves chew toys. He continues to ignore the cats in our home.


Foster update 08/27/2021: Mr Booboo bear is officially crate trained! Look at how big he is getting! He decided he was tired last night and took himself to bed in his crate. He wakes us up bright and early letting us know when he needs to potty. He is a rambunctious puppy who loves to play with his puppy foster brother, is an excellent eater, and is very chatty. He is working very hard on potty training. He plays hard and then crashes hard. He loves to be with his people and his puppy foster brother. He is good with cats and will also likely do well in a home with children and other dogs.