Huey – Adopted 09/18/2021

Happy Gotcha Day Huey!

MEET MR HUEY! Huey is estimated to be 5 years old.   **He is heartworm positive so he will need a local adoption in the Atlanta, GA area to finish his heartworm treatment**

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FOSTER UPDATE 08/25/21: Loving his outside time. He’s a really good boy who always comes when called. He loves long walks and stays close to me every evening to make sure we head out. He’s a strong boy and we’re working to teach him not to pull when we pass other dogs. 


Watch Huey play

FOSTER UPDATE 07/21/21: Huey is proving to be a wonderful pet! He has fit into our home easily and gets along great with our dog. He wants to be around his foster people at all times and loves all the attention he can get! He gets excited when the leash comes out and its walk time! He is great on the leash, doesn’t pull, and is happy to say hi to everyone we meet on our walks, both human and canine. We haven’t met any cats yet but my guess is he’d like them too. He has a cool disposition and is not upset by anything. We’re working on his manners – he loves food and wants to beg for ours. He’s super smart and is quickly learning basic commands like sit and stay. Huey would be happy in any home where he’s loved, but would most likely prefer an active life as he loves getting out!

Mr Huey hanging out at adoption day


Mr Huey says Happy 4th of July 🇺🇸.  Just hanging out in my foster home.  Just waiting For my forever family 🥰


UPDATE 6/23/21: Mr Huey is so excited to be in a foster home. He’s settling in. He gets along great with my dog and others we meet on walks. He has a lot of energy and is also happy to hang out and get his belly rubbed!