Daisy Duke – Dukes of Hazard Pups – Adopted 09/30/2021

Happy Gotcha Day Daisy Duke!

MEET DAISY DUKE: She is from the Dukes of Hazard pups.
These 4 babies about 7 week old.  3 Boys and 1 Girl.
Daisy Duke
Bo Duke
Luke Duke
Boss Hogg
Thanks to Taylor for giving them their freedom ride.

More info coming soon!


Foster update 09/30: Daisy has turned into a cuddle bug as of late.  She has cuddle time with her foster dad every evening before bedtime.  She often requests cuddle time during the day from her foster mon.  This can make typing a challenge during work hours.
Another change has been if she knows we are in the house she wants to be with us.  Sometimes it is enough to be in the same room but often she wants to be physically next to us or held.  If she is in a different room Daisy can be quite vocal about her displeasure with that arrangement.

Sunbathing outside in the beautiful weather has become a favorite activity. 

Foster update 09/13/21: Daisy Duke is currently 12 weeks old and weighs 15 pounds.  She is tall and lanky.  Her black coat is so soft and her ears are like velvet.  She is a sweet little girl.  She will cuddle when she is tired. Daisy has normal puppy energy levels.  She becomes a wild-woman at meal time.  To say she is food motivated is an understatement.  

Daisy LOVES her foster canine siblings.  She gives them kisses every chance she can.  She enjoys running in the backyard with them.  Every now and then somebody will play with just her.   When they don’t, Daisy will entertain herself by running, rolling around in the grass and playing with the magnolia leaves.  

Daisy isn’t a good officemate.  She doesn’t like to be crated in my office while I am working so she hangs out in her playpen in the kitchen and plays with her toys and naps until I can take a break.  She likes both stuffed toys and chew toys.  She brings them into her bed with her to nap.

Daisy Duke is crate trained.  She sleeps in a crate in our room at night with her stuffed animal and chew toy.  She is very good and tells us (whines or barks sharply) when she needs to go potty.  When we leave the house she is crated alongside our dogs.  She knows to go in her crate when we open the door because she always gets treats.  She can “sit” on command (particularly when a treat is available) and we are working on sitting for meals.  We are also working on walking on a leash in the backyard.  It is still a work in progress.

Potty training is going well as long as we stick to a schedule.  Most accidents we have had are because the humans didn’t stick to the schedule.

Daisy Duke has not had any interactions with cats so we don’t know how she would be with them.  She is very curious about everything so I am sure cats would fall into that category too.

Daisy would love to have canine siblings in her forever home but we don’t think it is a requirement as long as she has lots of attention and companionship from the humans in her forever family.