Reagan – Adopted 10/02/2021

Happy Gotcha Day Reagan!

MEET REAGAN: Reagan is 10 years old, he ended up at the shelter because their owner had “change of life “. 

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  • Labrador Retriever
  • 10 years old
  • Male Neutered
  • Weighs 110 lbs
  • Heartworm Negative
  • Was surrendered with Abigail.
  • Reagan does not know he’s 10. This boy can probably keep up with the youngest of labs. He adores attention and loves to be by people

Foster Update 09/15/21:After his bath, I was dying to see what Reagan thought about the water. Well this big boy is a LAKE DOG! He had no hesitation and ran straight in. He spent the first 15 minutes swimming completely vertical His foster sister got into to show him how it was done. Soon they were both swimming out about 20 feet retrieving the ball. By the end of the afternoon, Reagan was so tired but didn’t want to get out. So he laid down in the water and pitifully paddled with his front paws as the waves came. I took a boat rope with me so we could work on coming when called and respecting boundaries. He did amazing! I will be testing him off leash soon but I don’t think he will have a problem! Also did I mention he is wonderful in the car and would probably do well on a boat?!

Watch Reagan Swim! Reagan1

Foster Update 09/10/21: I took Reagan to get a bath this morning. Let’s just says he’s one of the few dogs that enjoys a bath and getting his coat blown out Reagan would be a great fit for a first time dog owner or even a family! He’s great with kids, other dogs and is will mannered and house trained. It’s hard to believe he is 10. He has so much personality and loves playing with the ball in the backyard!


Foster Update 08/30/21: Mr Reagan has been making himself at home. He has joined us for all of our outings including a day trip to Dahlonega to visit some wineries, friends houses, breweries and dinners. He has been on his best behavior and just lays at our feet until we are ready to leave. He is completely house trained and crate trained. He walks very well on a leash but is very strong when he does want to sniff a certain bush or make another dog friend. He has gotten along well with his foster sister and every other dog he has met. He LOVES snuggles, attention and being apart of the family. I would consider Reagan low to medium energy (does still love to play with a ball or toys). He is so sweet and the absolute happiest dog. When he gets really excited, his upper lip will curl up showing his teeth. It cracks me up!

Update 04/28/21:  This 90lb boy is a typical lab who LOVES his ball. He could play forever, but we monitor him activity due to him being overweight he gets very hot and tired pretty fast. He is currently on a diet and doing great. He likes to go into the shallow part of the pool so we think he would love the lake! He has a silly personality and likes to talk to you when he wants something in his low grunting voice. He is a leader so a more submissive dog would be a good fit for him.