Yogi Bear – Adopted 10/02/2021

Happy Gotcha Day Yogi Bear!
MEET YOGI BEAR: He is 6 weeks old and will be looking for a foster or forever home soon.

Foster update 09/25/21:Yogi Bear here.  My foster mom keeps telling me I need to find the right Halloween costume for next Saturday adoption day.  I’m not sure what Halloween means or adoption day.  But so far this might be it she says because the rest I have pulled off and carried through the doggie door.  It is fun.  Come see me Saturday 10/2 from 10 am to 1pm

Foster update 09/24/21: Mr Yogi Bear learning to walk on a leash with out doing the normal puppy zig zag walk.  Yogi is a 11 weeks old now.  He loves walks he get to start to see the world. Loves to follow his foster siblings on the walk.  Tires him out. 

Foster update 09/20/21: He has learned the doggie door quick. He loves to snuggle and be where everyone else is.